Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missed Blogs

1) Informal Essays

Writing an informal essay was not hard for me at all. I like a lot better than a formal essay because ther rules are so strict. With informal essays you can use creative angles, talk to the reader, use informal language, and not have to worry about following the strict rules. When writing an informal essay, you can almost talk about anything. When its a formal essay, it's usually something about something important. I think informal essays are easy to write, and fun. Writing a formal essay is a lot of work because you cannot use informal language and that makes it really hard. Although, when you are finished it feels good. But when I think of an informal essay I think of funny, "easy going", and it could be about anything. They are fun to read and I enjoy writing them.

2) Frankenstein
I have never read Frankenstein before, but as we are starting to read it I'm having a hard time understanding what is going on. It is not that the language is extremely confusing, but it is kind of boring right now. I heard it gets better after chapter 5, and after reading chapter 1 which was slightly interesting, I'm excited to get to that chapter and on. So far, I know that Dr. Frankenstein is a scientist and he creates a monster. I also know that he was in love with his adopted sister. I have not watched the movie before, so I'm still a little blank when it comes to Frankenstein. I always thought Frankenstein was the monster.
I am excited to read further though because people say it is a good book and it does get more interesting. If it doesn't, I will be disappointed. I always thought it would be a good book and a good movie, but since I have never watched or read it before, the parts I have read are disappointing. I'm thinking positively about it though because, as I said before, I've heard it gets more interesting. Well, I hope everyone is right! I'm ready to read on!

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