Friday, May 1, 2009


The study of Roger and Me and Spellbound has not changed my view of documentaries for the future. It will probably not change the way I view other forms of media like the news, television shows, or newspaper articles. If I were to watch Michael Moore’s documentaries again, the only thing I would be thinking differently is "are the events in chronological order? Or did he change them for effect?" That is the only thing I would see differently in Michael Moore’s documentaries. Other documentaries I would probably watch and think exactly the same thing the documentary is trying to persuade me to. The only ones I have ever watched were persuasive ones with a lot of information, for example Sharkwater by filmmaker Rob Stewart. He is trying to show the bad effects of shark finning and trying to save the sharks. It is a very sad documentary and I was basically crying for half of it. But, after analyzing these other documentaries I still have not changed my views on them. The only opinion of mine that has changed is if they are leaving out very specific information against their topic in order to make their views on the subject better and for more people to "join" their side. Or if they have put the time line in a mixed up order for effect, but most documentaries I would believe were in the correct order and were not bias in anyway or else I wouldn't like the documentary and would stop watching it.

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