Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Talks!

I liked all the creativity the class came up with. Some of them were like motivational speakers and others were very lively. I thought most of the people would go up and just talk monotone because that's what most presentations consist of that I'm at. This time was different and I really liked that. I didn't like that some were so long. They were only suppose to be three minutes but they were like ten minutes. I understand that we were suppose to give a lot of information in three minutes, but it was suppose to be brief.. not in depth. I also didn't like how some people gave away the ending because if we were trying to get people to read our book, nobody would want to when they know how it ends. I tried to keep mine short, but the emoticons took a while.

If I could do it again I would probably have done my summary better. Whenever I get up infront of the class, I forget half of the stuff I'm suppose to say. I forgot a few things that I wanted to say and remembered once I say down but obviously I couldn't say them anymore. That upset me but I can't do anything about it. When I practice before I go up I'll remember everything but once I'm up there I'm like blank. Oh well. All I can do is practice!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Girls of Hedsor Hall

Previously on the Girls of Hedsor Hall, Jenna was asked to leave home. Or wait, was it Hillary? Lately I have been watching the Girls of Hedsor Hall on MTV. I don’t know what, but I really like this show. It’s about a bunch of American girls who party way to much, have behavioural problems, back talk to anyone, and may be violent and they are completely out of control. They go to England where they are to be taught to become a lady, and the girl who has changed the most wins the grand prize, $100,000!!

I have missed a couple shows, so last night I caught up online... except for the finale! I don’t know who has won yet and I’m really excited to see who will win. I hope it’s Brianna or Kim, because I really don’t like Samantha and I don’t think she deserves to be there over Hillary. Samantha has broken way more rules than any other girl, and the only reason she wasn’t sent home was because she had a "free pass" when she slept with one of the guys! Yet she is still here! I hope she is the third one out, and the other two win because I believe other than Hillary, Brianna and Kim have made the biggest changes and have overcome many of their old ways, yet Samantha hasn’t in my opinion. Oh well, I’m just excited to see who actually wins!

ISU Problem(S)!

I have 3 ISU problems. First, finishing my novel. Second, my book talk. Third, my seminar. I am almost finished my novel. The reason I am not finished yet is interruptions! The phone will ring, I’ll have to go to work, forgot my book at school, other homework due tomorrow. I only have a couple chapters left, but I will be done soon!

My book talk will be a bigger problem because I don’t like talking in front of my classmates. Well, my own work in front of my classmates. If it is not my own work, I don’t mind presenting it, but if it’s mine then I’ll be worried what they think. That’s my biggest downfall. Everyone judges everyone, it’s what people do. I will be fine and try my best, I just don’t have a good idea yet.

My third problem will be my seminar. Like I said in my last paragraph, I don’t like presenting my work in front of the class, well at least without a partner. I’m just not sure what I will do it on. It makes me nervous thinking about it! The book I originally wanted to do for my ISU, which I wasn’t allowed to do, I had a great idea for the seminar but unfortunately I could not do that. I’m sure an idea will come my way, and if not I can always ask my teacher for guidance.

Monday, April 6, 2009


For my ENG3U class, I need to write an essay for my ISU novel "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". For my essay, my theme may be about truth and lies. It will be tied into Asperger's Syndrome since that is the disability my protagonist has. Everybody has the ability to lie, but Christopher cannot. His disability will not let him because he does not "feel right" with lying. In the essay, I would interpret Christopher's descriptions of truth and lies. I would tell it in third-person and throughout the essay I may describe all the lies told by his father and mother. There are many secrets both parents hold and do not tell Christopher. Other people, like Mrs. Shears the neighbour, has lied as well. Almost everyone in this novel lies, but Christopher does not. I may explain how telling the truth is such a hard concept and ability to do and how it is much easier to lie these days to not hurt peoples feelings. But I would express the importance of truth and how Christopher shows this throughout the novel.

I might choose this theme because it is shown throughout the whole novel. It is also very clear that lying is the whole novel’s problem. The father lies about the dog and Christopher’s mother leaving and many others. I'm not exactly sure of all the idea's I will include and the exact theme of my essay but it is a working progress